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Buying Cabinets Online, Free Design and Free Shipping

What are the myths of buying RTA cabinets online and the things we don't do

Buying Cabinets Online

There is a lot of controversy about buying products online. The first thing to check is whether the online cabinet company has gone through the steps to obtain a retail license is your own country, in this case the United States. Secondly, The Company should be happy to send out, for a small fee, samples of the cabinets (minis) of the product lines that you may be interested in. And lastly, you should be able to talk with a real person sometime during the transaction so you get to know your distributor.

Purchasing cabinets online from Domain Cabinets Direct saves you money and you can feel secure with us. Domain Cabinets Direct has the highest security rating with its super secure SSL encryption. Please feel free to check with every licensing agency about us. Now, how can buying cabinets online with Domain Cabinets direct save you money? We maintain our stock in a warehouse but we do not need to have an extensive showroom with dead product for display. Our displays are online and for a small fee we can deliver to samples of our products. That is how we can offer such incredible prices on our quality cabinet lines. That is also how we maintain a fast delivery for your online cabinet order.

Free Design

Some cabinet distributors offer a free design service. However, it is important to note that free is only free if you don’t use their products. After all how good can the design be if it is free? I will tell you how it works. There is a concept called front loading. That means you pay for stuff largely upfront. There is also a trick called back loading which means to hide the cost in the purchase price. With some of the wholesale cabinet suppliers and retail cabinet suppliers you may get a free design. However, when you price the whole package you might get surprised!

The online cabinet suppliers that use back loading usually charge much more for their cabinets and in the end in order to make-up for the time and money that they lost in the front by giving away free designs. There is nothing free about a free design. My grandfather used to say there is no such thing as a free lunch! And at Domain Cabinets Direct in the end our prices are lower, our products are better, and you get a first rate design for a modest fee.

We do not have any secrets. We do not charge more for our cabinets to make up for lost revenue from giving away designs for free. We do not charge you more in the end. Everything about your purchase of online cabinets from Domain Cabinets Direct is upfront. In order to test this, pick three types of cabinets and price them with any three retailers. We are sure that you will be back to Domain Cabinets Direct and will be happy to pay a small fee for a superior quality cabinet design!

Free shipping

Do you remember the term back loading? Again it means placing (hiding) the cost in the purchase to cover the expenditures which are taken in the front of or before a transaction. Similarly, free shipping is not free. The costs of shipping are cleverly worked into the cabinet price. This is again easily exposed by picking three types of cabinets and pricing them with any three separate retailers. After you do a little research we are sure you will find that the shipping cost is hidden.

At Domain Cabinets Direct we do not offer free anything. We just give you a fair share with all the prices up front. We do not make any attempts to hide, back load, or pretend that costs for shipping do not exist. We have shipping costs. Our trucking companies are tried and true with numerous on time and damage free deliveries. We expect nothing but the best from our delivery drivers. And you should expect the best fair treatment from any retailer.

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