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Custom Quotation Service - $29.95                             Custom Design Service - $195                             RemingtonUSA FAQ

Custom Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) Cabinets

RemingtonUSA™ is our custom RTA product line that is entirely sourced and made in United States. It is strictly frameless construction with sturdy plywood box, Blum® hardware, and premium finishing. In general, it costs more than double the listing price of comparable stock cabinets. You can also order a list of custom sized doors from us. 

RemingtonUSA Custom Frameless Cabinet Construction RemingtonUSA Custom Frameless Cabinet Reveal
Frameless Full Overlay RemingtonUSA™ Reveal

RemingtonUSA™ is strictly a custom frameless product line

        • Cabinet doors and drawers are attached directly to the cabinet box. Full overlay.
        • Integrated toe kick (we do not offer adjustable legs)
        • Width, height and depth are all customizable
        • Need finished panels or fake doors for any exposed sides

The majority of our customers choose the UV coated birch plywood as the cabinet box material for its quality and affordability:

RemingtonUSA Birch UV Cabinet Box

We also offer the following different materials for RemingtonUSA™ cabinet boxes.

Premium White Maple Plywood Linen Cool Grey TSS Linen Khaki TSS White Melamine PB
Premium White Maple Plywood.
Costs 30% more.
Linen Cool Grey (Thermo Structured
Surface). Costs 45% more.
Linen Khaki (Thermo Structured
Surface). Costs 45% more.
White Melamine (Particle Board
core). Cost 15% less.

The RemingtonUSA™ cabinet box is universal and allows you to choose any kind of cabinet door fronts as you like. Our RemingtonUSA™ door selection ranges from hi-tech contemporary flat panels to classic sold wood raised panel doors.

      • All doors in the following 5 series can be ordered separately.
      • When order cabinet boxes from us, all doors will have hinge holes pre-drilled. Drawer fronts do not come with pre-drilled holes.
      • Grain direction needs to be specified for each order but does not affect overall price. 
      • Mixed grain direction and book match (sequencing) are available with additional cost.
      • Complies with CARB II and ISO 14001 environmental standards.
      • All doors purchased are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months.

Luxe by ALVIC®                        

  • State-of-the-art patented lacquered kitchen cabinet doors by ALVIC
  • Durable, high resistance to physical and chemical wear and tear.
  • Two edge selections: matching or bi-color (as shown left)
  • Material sheet size comes at 4’ x 9’, with grain direction parallel to that of 9’.
  • Many different choices:
    • High gloss solid color / wood grain
    • SuperMatte
    • Metaldeco / Pearl effect

Metro by CLEAF®           

  • Award winning, wood-looking, textured TSS (Thermo Structured Surface) doors
  • Superior quality to traditional wooden doors. Highly resistant to scratch, stain, or warp.
  • Material sheet size comes at 7’ x 9’, with grain direction parallel to that of 9’
  • 36 color choices to choose from
  • 3 door styles:
    • Slab
    • Shaker
    • Sienna

Artisan Bamboo                        

  • Plyboo® warp resistant 3-ply solid slab bamboo
  • Edge grain. Architectural grade.
  • Italian ICA® water based finishing
  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)® Certified 100% C012079.
  • No edge banding on all doors.
  • Material sheet size comes at 4’ x 8’, with grain direction parallel to that of 8’

Wood Series       
  • Standard garde maple is usually used for any paint grade finish
  • Many choices of wood species for clear and stain grade finish
  • All doors are ¾” thick
  • Many styles in this series have certain flexibility for door stile and rail sizes
  • Many styles can choose either 5-piece or slab drawer front
  • Custom door matching available
Wood Series

Premium Maple Drawer Box


We offer two types of drawer boxes to choose from. The Standard Maple Drawer box is our best seller and it matches very well with our sturdy plywood cabinet box and comes assembled with factory finished dovetail and clear coating. Our Premium Maple Drawer is made of hard white maple, the highest grade of maple with maximum density and minimum color variation.

LEGRABOX is Blum's new drawer box system that features a slim design with straight sides and a smooth motion. Choice of Stainless Steel and Orion Grey finishes. We ship LEGRABOX products fully assembled.


Blum® ClipTOP BLUMOTION Hinges

Blum® TandemPLUS BLUMOTION Drawer Runners

We use Blum®’s hardware exclusively for RemingtonUSA cabinets. The highly acclaimed ClipTOP BLUMOTION hinges and TandemPLUS BLUMOTION glides are our standard hardware. We can add any desirable Blum products in your custom kitchen. Go to for more information or you can click the blow buttons for some of the popular choices from our customers.

Rev-a-Shelf® Large Wood Cutlery Insert

Rev-a-Shelf® Two-Tier Blind Corner Organizer

You can choose any brand of cabinet accessories and chances are they will fit your RemingtonUSA™ custom cabinets just fine. We recommend industry leader Rev-A-Shelf® for its extensive choices and limited lifetime warranty. Download and view Rev-A-Shelf’s various product catalogues below.

Drawer Sink and Base Waste Containers Lazy Susan Blind Corner Bath and Vanity Tall an Pantry Closet Wall

Finishing for our Wood Series & Artisan Bamboo doors are done locally in Southern California with a range of choices.

  • All environmentally friendly water-based finishing that is durable, scratch resistant & low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Two different sheen top coats: Satin and Semi-gloss.
  • Custom color matching available ($100 surcharge with required wood color sample no smaller than 4”x 5”)

Paint Grade:
Cottage White Flint Grey Taro Licorice Winterhorn Virginica Brown Sea Salt Bluepoint Decorator White

Stain Grade:
Clear Hot Cocoa Macademia Java Oatmeal Molasses Clove Wild Rice Pretzel

Bamboo Finish:
Clear On
Chocolate Bamboo
Clear On
Amber Bamboo
Clear On
Blond Bamboo
Clear On
Havana Bamboo
Clear On
Neopolitan Bamboo
Whitewash On
Amber Bamboo
Java On
Amber Bamboo
Clear On
Sahara Bamboo

We do not have dealer / showroom or local installers unless you are from the southern California area. However, most handy homeowners and installers find our custom RTA cabinets easy to put together and install.

  • Most of our custom RTA cabinets are shipped on pallets ready-to-assemble
  • Assembly service for RemingtonUSA™ is available for all customers for $45 per cabinet with the following exceptions counted as double. However, shipping charge will be more than doubled when ship assembled.
    • Base Corner Lazy Susan
    • Any cabinet with 42” or more in width
    • Any tall cabinet
  • Assembly & Installation service is available in Southern California area for $85 per cabinet, which including the installation of toe kick, moldings and other accessories.