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How will my order be shipped?

  • Typically your order will be shipped on pallets and via freight.
  • Each pallet is stretch wrapped and then put in a 6mil shrink bag.
  • Molding and toe kicks come in the long box seen in picture 2 and 3.
  • Your order will arrive and should look similar to the pictures below.



My order did not look like this?

  • Take Pictures!
  • Take Inventory!
  • Don’t sign until you have taken a full count!
  • Don’t let the driver rush you! They cannot leave until you sign. 
  • Mark missing and/or items that look damaged on the shipper's invoice.

What are my responsibilities?

  • The driver is only obligated to bring your order to the back of the truck and to drop it via lift gate. It is your responsibility to unload the items from the pallet.
  • If your pallet is not dropped via lift gate, take pictures. 
  • Take inventory; report damages and/or missing items on the driver’s bill.
  • Take pictures before you break into the pallet this will help us determine if the freight company damaged any of your cabinets.
  • Take at least 8 pictures per pallet. All four sides and every corner.
  • If you scheduled terminal pickup your order should look exactly like the pictures above, make sure and take pictures of the pallet before unloading it. If you do not take pictures of the pallet before you unload it we will not honor any claims made.  We require a minimum of eight pictures as described above.

How do I file a claim?

  • You should have already listed the damaged or missing items on the Driver’s bill.
  • We need pictures of the pallet before it was opened and pictures of the damaged item.
  • Please label each picture with the cabinet name and the piece we are looking at.
  • Fill out a claim form:  Domain Cabinets Direct Claim Form
  • E-mail your claim form and pictures to

Claim Policy:

Buyer is required to report any order/shipping related issues or claims within 7 days of receiving the shipment.
Do not assemble any items you are reporting and save all the packaging material and boxes. 
Pictures are REQUIRED as supporting evidence.
There are no exceptions to this policy.
Claims are to be filled via E-mail and sent to

Additional Information:

Residential shipping only covers curbside service. The driver does not have to take your order past a curb or down a long driveway. The residential prices found on our questions and answer page only cover curbside service. Please note if you chose Non-Residential Shipping and your order is billed as residential you will be liable for all charges we incur. In most most cases the charges we incur are more than the prices we offer for residential shipping on our table. So your honesty will most likely pay off.