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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Los Angeles, San Diego, & other Southern California regions

We offer kitchen and bathroom wood cabinets & countertop remodeling and we install in 3 days!

Remodeling service is offered in
following Southern California counties: San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange County.

(888) 872-2246

Custom Framed Chocolate Cabinets and Bright White Quartz Countertop 

Pricing Time Frame Where do I Start?
  The total price of your remodeling job
  consists of four parts:
  -  Cabinet material (choose at "Browse
      Categories" on left to see detailed
      pricing on every item)
  -  Cabinet assembly & installation here
      (Include Demolition here if needed)
  -  Countertop material here
  -  Countertop installation here

   If you choose in stock RTA cabinets,
   we typically schedule your cabinet
   installation within one week. Cabinet
   assembly and installation takes 1-2
   days, with or without demolition. Once
   cabinets are installed, countertop work
   begins the day after,  and it will take
   another 1-2 days. In most cases, we
   finish the whole remodeling job within
   3 days.
   Please keep in mind that all Custom 
   RTA Cabinets takes about 9 week
   for delivery.

  - Visit our showroom:
    42225 Remington Avenue
    Suite 11
    Temecula, CA 92590  
    (M-F, 9:30-4:30) 

  - Make an In-Home Appointment with
    our contractor, and have Design
    service done if needed.
  - Add to shopping cart online: Cabinets,
    Countertop slabs, Cabinet Assembly 
    & Installation, and Countertop
    Installation. Check out online.
  - We will contact you for installation
    date and time.